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    Comparing Fiscal Week 52-53


    In our data warehouse, we have 52 Fiscal Weeks this year (2006), and 53 Fiscal Week last year (2005). While comparing sales, client wants to consider 2..53 weeks for 2005 and 1..52 for 2006. Similarly for Jan 2005 will be 2-5 instead of 1-4. similarly for Quarter and Year. This is only for comapring sales, otherwise we have to consider 1-53 for 2005. We have Fiscal Days, Fiscal Week, Fiscal Month, Fiscal Quarter, Fiscal Year tables.

    Can anybody suggest the solution. I guess there must be some standard solution.
    I hope I was able to explain the problem clearly.

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    offhand the only way you can perform the feat of accounting trickery is to use a financial calendar which relates a physical date to an imaginery period


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