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    Unanswered: Leveraging Oracle Synonym's

    Good morning,

    LEts say have an ORACLE table named "test" with columns, test1, test2, test3.

    I have an access database (more like 10 of them) that link to this test table that is in a production environment.

    If I rename the ORACLE table to "prod" and the columns prod1, prod2, prod3, is there a way to avoid having to relink the table but not have to change ever form, query and report recordsource to reflect the name changes?

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    I would link to the new Prod table. I would delete the link to the Test table. I would then create a select query and call it Test (or whatever your table's original name was) and build it from the Prod table with the Prod fields renamed as Test fields as such:

    SELECT prod.prod1 AS test1, prod.prod2 AS test2, prod.prod3 AS test3
    FROM prod;

    All of your forms queries and reports should work fine pulling from this query without any changes.

    I hope this helps.


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