I'm getting a very unhelpful message when I attempt to save a change to an existing DTS package. The error simply says "unspecified error" and no changes are saved.

A bit of more info:
The package was initially created on a Windows 2000 active/passive cluster running SQL 2000 (at the time, SP3).

We created a new Windows 2003 active/active cluster and migrated the package to the new SQL Server (now running 2000 SP4).

I am able to open each task in the package with no errors (indicating to me that all the components are properly registered).

I AM able to save the package to the other active instance.

I get the same error message whether I attempt to save the package from Node1 or Node2 (logged in via terminal services).

No other package(s) exhibit this behavior.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Disparaging comments about using DTS are not .