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    Question Unanswered: calling sql dts from java

    I'm trying to call a sql dts from java and for some reason I'm getting the syntax wrong. Currently I can call a stored procedure, but I can't seem to find the call for the DTS. Any clue?

    String serverURL = "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://amok:1433";
    Class t = Class.forName(" verDriver");
    Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection (serverURL, user, password);

    CallableStatement procedure = conn.prepareCall( "{ call oraclePush }");

    The DTS I'm trying to execute is called oraclePush. If it makes any difference I will be passing variables through it, but not until later.
    I do get connected (used this to call stored procedure) so I think my connection string is correct.

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    resolution and next question

    So I resolved that issue by just calling the dts directly
    runtime.exec("dtsrun /Samok /U<user> /P<pass> /NoraclePush /A tnsNAMES:8=<var>");

    This brings up the next important question...
    I have a chain of commands if I need to be able to kill the current dts thats running if a previous link dies during processing. To keep everything running quickly I'm threading my calls so I can't just not call the next dts if the previous one fails. I need to kill all the running dts if one fails.

    Any thoughts?

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