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    Question Unanswered: Help with Time difference

    I have the following calc:

    =Format(Int((DateDiff("n",[Receive Time],[Deliver Time]))/60),0) & " Hours and " & Format(Int((DateDiff("n",[Receive Time],[Deliver Time])))-(Int((DateDiff("n",[Receive Time],[Deliver Time]))/60)*60),0) & " Minutes"

    It works great when calculating the time diff within one day, however if the receive date is yesterday and the deliver date is today, it will give a negative # and it will be incorrect.

    Any help is appreciated..

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    First thing I would do is check the number of days difference using the datediff

    then I would take the result of that and multiply by 24

    then take the Currenttime and subtract it from 12:00

    and finally add the two together...

    the code for this is fairly simple so give it a shot let me know if you need anymore help

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    What is the real-world business model you are trying to support? What result to you expect to see? At first glance, i would say it's difficult to to receive something before it's been delivered...

    Oh, and uh... have a look at the Abs() function... The modulo operator (%) is useful for pulling minutes as well...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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