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    Unanswered: need lil fast help

    my system has 2 db's - sql server 2000 & db2 @ separate locations. i have a select query which needs 2 pick up consolidated data from both the tables. also the schema on the db2 has minor changes when compared with the schema on sql server 2000.

    while searching on microsoft i came across the technique of creating a linked server. would this be possible 2 implement in my scenario. also would in this case, be advised that i create another view in the db2 server which has changed the db2 schema to the sql server schema format??

    please hurry..

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    You consolidating by UNION or by JOIN?

    Either way, put as little logic into the passed linked server SQL command as possible, which means use a view on the db2 end.

    What kind of performance do you need out of this, and how much traffic do you expect?
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    Use linked server as stated above. Don't forget to enable multiprotocol in the server network utility so as to be on safe side.

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