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    Question Unanswered: Client Side Cursor with IBM DB OLE and ADO

    Hi. My first post here, so please bare with me. We have a situation where a programmer was able to run an ADO process against one DB2 Z/OS subsystem. But, when he changed to run the process against a a different DB2 Z/OS subsystem, he had problems. The provider is IBMDADB2 - the IBM OLE DB provider. We finally found that if we set the app to use server side cursor (ADO param CursorLocation = adUseServer), then the process works. But we want to be able to use client side cursors.

    There seems to be a parameter or something that is different between the 2 DB2 Z/OS subsystems. Or maybe a DB2 Connect param? CLI param? I've yet to find one. Any ideas?

    DB2 UDB for Z/OS version 710
    DB2 Connect 8.2 fixpak 9

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