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    Unanswered: If statment to asp ??

    I have a statement written in access query and I want to convert it to be applied on SQL Database or on ASP.Net
    Access Statement:
    Toal paid : IIf([TP$]>0,(Format([TP$],'Fixed') & ' $')) & IIf([TPU]>0,(Format([TPU],'Fixed') & ' Euro')) & IIf([TP$]+[TPU]=0,0)

    The result is a column as following

    30 $
    250 Euro
    20 $

    How I can apply it in

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    Well don't forget that you can do calculations and formating in code that does not actually reside in the actual SQL statement. And yes Access is handy in that you can use IIf() within a SQL statement.
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