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Thread: DB design

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    DB design


    I'm planning to build a database for a web server (MS IIS).

    Two general questions:
    1) I'm thinking using either MySQL or Postgres, can you tell about considerations I should take into account when choosing?
    2) In a big picture the DB will consists of 3 main tables for verious users (100-1000), what should be a good design in terms of modularity and performance: a. building the 3 tables for every user
    b. building 3 tables to all users.
    c. building DB instance to every user.
    d. other

    * As you can say from my questions I'm a novice in DBS , just started to learn, any study resources (books, links etc.) you recommend will be appreciated.


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    What you really need...

    Well you've come to a good place. Before you EVEN think about how many tables you have, create a logical data model.

    Capture the nature of the business in your logical data model. You never mentioned anything about the business nature of your data. That's what it's all about man. Who cares if you use this database or that database, but your design is garbage?

    There are pros and cons to different databases. What do you have accesss to? What development environment will your web site be in? Are there size limitations? Are there non-functional requirements that come into play?

    I'm VERY skeptical about 'three tables'. I'd start with your logical model.


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