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    Unanswered: Question about Set = for split ranges.

    I'm having a problem trying to get Set = to allow a split range.

    I'll explain. I have a custom function that allows you to get data from
    another Workbook, one of the lines of code is this...

    Set r = xlwb.Sheets(1).Range(Mid(xref, n + 1))

    r is a Range variable. this is my problem variable.
    xlwb is a Workbook variable that has already been set and is working fine.
    xref is a string which contains (among other things) the range we want.
    n is a variable which denotes where to find the range in xref. Again this is

    I get a problem when I the Range(Mid(xref, n + 1)) evaluates to this...

    Range(("A1:A10, C1:C10"))

    I'm not sure if the syntax is wrong as I'm using the Set command or what.

    Any help would be gratefully received.


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    You may have sorted this out by now. The syntax is wrong.

    Instead of
    "A1:A10, C1:C10"
    "A1:A10", "C1:C10"

    Though maybe not, too. The example I've given is equivalent to "A1:C10" and may not be what you want.

    You may want
    with xlwb.sheets(1)
    Set r = Union(.Range("A1:A10"),.Range("C1:C10"))
    end with

    If so, you'll need to manipulate your text to achieve the result.


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