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    Unanswered: Problems Access Violtions Adoquery

    i was experimenting with ado and have come across the following problems:

    i've two forms one of which is a main form and the other is a form containing the adoquery1 and grid to display the results of a query.

    On running a query and displaying the results if, i close the second form containing the grid and adoquery1,while the query is still running i get a error saying that i cannnot perform the operation an a closed dataset and futher if a say ok to the message it givies me a read address exception error.

    i have traied to trap the first error about the dataset but the second error about the read address givies me problem.

    You advise is much appreciated in this problem.

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    Why do you want to close the second form while the query is still running?

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