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    Unanswered: Thank You

    I know this isn't a technical question by any means as most posts are here.

    Having said that, I'd just like to say thanks to some of the guys here on this forum who take time everyday to help the rest of us out. Guys like Teddy, Poodle Flump, Healdem, Pat Phelan and many others, who have literally posted thousands of times over the years, and without whom the rest of us would be screwed on a daily basis.
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    Thank you very much Nick - that is very kind of you to say.

    I know that for my part it is a real pleasure helping people out of a jam - like most people I started using this forum to ask rather than answer and I know the feeling when someone can help you solve a problem you have been struggling with for days.

    I am glad that we have been able to help you and look forward to seeing you again

    pootle flump
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    Echoing Poots comments, thanks for that, its nice to feel that something you do is appreciated. But lets face it as a resource this thread only works if people are willing to contribute something. Give yourself a pat on the back for diving in when you have felt comfortable to do so.

    As to the high post count, a lot of the high posters are malingerers who lurk in the Yak Corral, and other threads in this site. You have to bear in mind quantity isn't neccesarily quality (and I should know). Now as to Izy and Wayne Phillips, amongst others - there is quality. Thats the problem of naming names, someone always gets left out (PKStormy comes to mind) but no one should feel offended if they have been forgotten - personally I use the handy excuse of advancing years triggering that memory loss thingy altzimmers or what ever its called.
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