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    Unanswered: Help needed, creating a fixtures, results and league sheet

    Hey Guys,
    I am trying to write a spreadsheet to keep track of scores and results for a sports tournament my BB is taking part in next month.

    There are 5 teams which gives us 10 games, what i need to do is be able to enter the score for each game and then beside each team it will show w for win, d for draw and l for lose, i know that uses a greater than, equal to and less than formula but i dont know how to write it.

    next thing is that i need to write a formula that will put the number of wins, draws and loses into the relevant cells of a league table,then a formula to total the scores based on 3 for win and 1 for draw (0 for lose). Next i need a formula to total up goal difference for each team, the last formula i need is take the name of the team with the most points (or in case of tie, the team with the greatest positive goal difference) and place it in a cell on the first sheet.

    I know this seems like a lot, but i have very limited knowledge of formulas in excel and would greatly appreciate any help you can give, ill post a copy of the basic sheet i have with the layout i want to use.

    thanks in advance

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    As I understand it, you are entering results in a range. These then generate data in other cells within the range. Later again, this data is used to compute rankings or whatever. I am not too happy with interlocking formulas (where an element in one formula is generated by another formula) and I would be inclined to use VBA. You could enter the weeks results then initiate the computations with a button on a command bar to do all of the computations in one hit. I have downloaded your file and may have a look at it unless a clever person comes up quicker with a gobsmacking solution.
    Jim Wright.

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    I've put some formula on the RHS of the details & colored them grey. There are formula too in the table.

    There is some VBA code so that changing the scores updates the names of the leading teams.


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