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    Unanswered: Credit System


    Im not sure if this is the correct place to post the message in.

    Im looking for a PHP Script which allows users to sign up and pay for email credits which allows them to send so many emails depending on how many credit they have left. Once a email from a email address has been sent, It will take a credit away. Once there is not credits left emails wont be able to be sent from this address till they top up.

    Any ideas where i could find something like this or anyone able to design something like this.


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    Quite simple to make yourself actually...

    1. User registered.
    2. They pay/request credits and the table in the database is updated with their remaining credits.
    3. Once an email is sent update their credits with the current value minus 1.
    4. When credits equal zero, dont let them send emails.
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