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    Simple table... or two

    I'm making a website with PHP and MySQL that has features available only to subscribed members. This is my first time doing this kind of website, and I'm new to PHP and MySQL. I think I have all the necessary fields worked out.
    Table 'users'
     'ID' unsigned mediumint(8) primary auto_increment
     'username' varvhar(20) unique
     'password' varchar(32)
     'email' varchar
     'SubType' ENUM('Single','Family','Institutional','Corporate','Sustaining')
     'ContactName' varchar
     'CorpName' varchar
     'Address' varchar
     'Address2' varchar
     'CityTown' varchar
     'ProvState' varchar
     'Country' varchar(44)
     'PostalZIP' varchar
     'Phone' varchar
     'PayMethod' ENUM('PayPal','Cheque_MO','Cash')
     'Newsletter' ENUM('FALSE','TRUE') NOT NULL
     'Recur' ENUM('FALSE','TRUE') NOT NULL
     'SubStart' date
     'SubEnd' date
     'SubStatus' ENUM('Active','Expired','Pending','Terminated')
     'LastVisit' date
     'visits' unsigned mediumint(8)
    After making this, I thought it looked kinda big.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Would I benefit from splitting this into two or more tables?
    2) Are there any issues that I should consider before setting this 'in stone', so to speak? Does anything look funny, or like it could be done in a better way? (I know that's 3 questions, but it's basically the same question..)

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    I would store subscription information in a seperate set of tables. The demographic information alone is fairly valuable, for example, how would you track recurring subscriptions, or perhaps users who cancel and then re-sign?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    I'm sorry, maybe I don't quite get what you're saying.. the 'recur' field is TRUE, if the user checks the 'automatically renew my subscription' box. If a subscription expires (or is canceled.. I don't know why they would cancel before their time is up), and they wanted to re-activate their account, then I could just reset the 'substart' date, clear the 'subend' date, and set their status back to 'active'... unless they could just go thru the initial subscribe process again and create a whole new record, but then they wouldn't be able to use the same username... unless I removed the unique attribute and did a check with php for uniqueness before they sign up, but that sounds costly, not to mention poor practice (is it?).

    Wow, this is getting complicated.


    If I did separate the SubType, PayMethod, Recur, SubStart, SubEnd, SubStatus, LastVisit and visits fields into another table, then I could somehow link each user in the 'users' table to multiple records in the 'other' table for when there's a break in the continuity of a subscription. Then the history of that user would not be destroyed. That's more advanced than I know yet tho. Is that possible? How would I do that?

    EDIT: nvm, that's kindof a stupid question... got it. one-to-many relationships, reading a great tutorial now:
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    I think I'm going to split them up. I can't see any reason not to. Any other suggestions?

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