In SqlServer 2000 we used to have a user with the public rol, it has
access to select the sysusers and sysmembers tables.
Now, In SqlServer 2005 we want to have a similar user, the problem is
that at least we give this user the db_owner rol or the db_securityadmin rol
we can't get the complete records of the sysusers table.

For example, we made a user "myuser" with no rol associated, then we
execute the following sql statement:
SELECT * FROM sysusers
we got 15 rows.

If we add the rol db_securityadmin to the user "myuser" and executes
the same statement above we get 29 rows.

any thought on this? we want to retrieve the 29 rows but without to add
an important rol as the db_securityadmin.

any help would be appreciated,
thanks in advance,

-eduardo s.m.