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    Question Unanswered: Multiple Users Concurrent Updates

    I have an MS Access Database that is being used by 7 users. The individuals who set up this database did not make it possible to make updates by multiple users at the same time. Multiple users can open the database and view its contents, but can not make updates. Is there a way that I can change the database to allow updates by multiple users at the same time?

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    Hi Gerishto, and welcome to the forum

    Theoretically yes, Access can run quite happily as a multi user system.
    practically maybe not
    -the db engine won't allow it (I'd be surprised if that was the case, but y'never know)
    -the db design won't allow it
    -you may not have rights to change it (either copyright or just don't have design privileges on the db)
    -you may not have the source code.

    So first off
    -you mention "The individuals who set up this database" - did these individuals assign copyright, if it exists on the db, to your organisation.
    -assuming that they did is it deployed as an MDE or MDB, if the file extenion you use is an MDE, then you need to try and locate the MDB version - I'm guessing for your purposes MDE's cannot be changed (You can recover some or all of thedesign data from an MDE but its virtually incomprehensible).
    -if its an MDE you need to look at the table & application design and try to understand why multiple users can't create records. Unless you have some systems design or development experience thats not something I'd suggest you do. If its worth it to the organisation then it may be better to chuck some cash at the problem and bring in a consultant to look at the problem and see what can be done.

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