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    Unanswered: Problem With Access 97 Queries

    Good Morning All,

    I have a problem and will try to explain it as quickly as i can.

    I have been creating a suite of simple reports showing the number of sales for a breakdown product for a call centre. Everything is fine apart from the processing part of things. I have a series of queries that all work to create the table in the format i want. Here lies the problem. What i want is some date criteria in here so that im only adding 1 day at a time to the main table. When i try to use my runner forms date field as the criteria access, aparently, doesnt recognise the field as valid. When clicking on help i am being told that a crosstab query may be causing this, but there is no date criteria in my crosstab so i cannot work out what is going on.

    If necessary i can explain what the queries are physically doing.

    Any thoughts ?

    Many thanks for any time/thought taken looking into this.

    kind regards


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    Sorry Eddie I'm a little lost (no change there then )...

    Can you explain a bit about what you are trying to do.

    What are your table names/field names ?

    I have a series of queries that all work to create the table in the format i want
    Are you creating a new table from data already existing in other tables ? Why ? This is considered bad practice.

    What is a runner form ? What is the purpose of the form ?

    How many queries have you created ? Is it possible you could paste the SQL here.


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