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    Unanswered: Logic on UPDATE query

    I am dealing with two tables and I am trying to take one column from a table and match the records with another table and append the data of that column.

    I used an update query that looks like this:

    UPDATE Acct_table Set Acct_table.Score =
    (Select Score_tbl.Score from Score_tbl
    Where Acct_table.Acctnb = Score_tbl.Acctnb

    This process has been running for over an hour and a half and is building a large log file. I am curious to know if there is a better command that I can use in order to join the tables and then just drop the column from one to the other. Both tables are indexed on Acctnb.

    Any insight would truly help.

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    UPDATE A Set A.Score = S.Score
    from Acct_table A
    JOIN Score_tbl S
    ON A.Acctnb = S.Acctnb
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett Kaiser
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