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    Unanswered: Databases structures in Oracle

    I'm new using Oracle, and I need to stablish a connection to ORACLE to diferent databases.

    1- To do it, the connection string uses the user name, password and Server. A server could have different databases or represents only one?. If it has different databases explain me how to specify one to make a query.

    2- Which OWNER y have to use to acces only data of the database tables, columns and foreing keys references to avoid obtaining system tables in my querys.

    P.D: If you see I'm realy lost, explain me the two concepts.

    Thank you,

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    You need the username, password, hostname, port and SID. TNSNAMES lets you define a label for the hostname, port and SID combination, so for example you might use scott/tiger@work where "work" is defined in tnsnames.ora as host=starbase, port=1521, SID=dev.

    That is just the old TNS though. There is also Oracle Names, Oracle Instant Client, ODBC and about 94 flavours of JDBC so far as I can make out.

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