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    Unanswered: Awkward MySQL select query...

    OKay I have delivery_tb

    Delivery ID - Int(6) - Primary Key - Auto Increment
    UserID - Int(6)
    CarID - Int(6)
    ManufacturerID - Int(6)
    Date - Timestamp
    Delivered - Enum(0,1)

    I need to to select a maximum of 20 rows per Unique ManufacturerID...
    I need to also select a maximum of 5 rows per Unique UserID per Unique ManufacturerID...

    So that no user can get more than 5 cars delivered per manufacturer per month...

    I'm using PHP5 as well...

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    the group by & having clauses would be worth a look
    also the "top" sub clause eg "select top n from"

    dependiogn on what version of MySQL you are using you could enforce the no more than 5 cars a month rule using a teble level constraint

    does the coursework have to a PHP solution, a MySQL solution or a combined / overall solution?
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    If I can get this to be an all-in-one query (i.e. not having to loop through PHP and perform multiple queries) then that is the ideal solution...

    I'll have a look through what you have suggested...

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