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    Unanswered: .dat/.idx question archaic iformix v. 311

    let me preface this by saying I am a programmer and not informix db management savvy, but somehow I ended up being the choice to inherit db maintainance when my boss decided oxycontin was the way forward and quit. My question is this, I have several .dat files w/ no .idx files
    is it possible to rebuild the indexes using only the .dat files? If so,
    is bcheck the proper tool and how do I use it.

    One last caveat, as I stated before we are running the equvelent of informix 3.11 (its a long story that starts many years ago) on a current HPUNIX release.

    Sorry for my ignorace and any help would be great.

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    Please test running create index.


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    Thanks for the quick reply, sorry about being so undereducated about this,
    how would I go about testing running create index, I'm not sure what program to use to do this, if you are saying to do it w/ bcheck I again am not sure how to. There is no documentaion for bcheck (aside from the source code). Again I'm sorry about my lack of knowledge. please expand your solution.

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