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    Win 2K permissions

    Don't know if this is the correct fourm but here goes. We have multiple folders where (it looks like) all the permissions were deleted and now we don't even have the "security" tab available, even as the administrator. How can I get in to the folder security settings so I'm able to assign as needed?


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    Login as a machine administrator, then "take ownership" of the folder.


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    W2K Permissions

    You could try and copy the entire folder out of its present location and into a different location (a completely different drive is recommended) on the system. By doing the aforementioned all permissions should be reset. After you have moved the folder check to see that universal permissions have been applied.

    If this worked you should then copy the folder back into its original location over righting the previous folder with the new one.

    If all is well you should be able to reset the permission rights.

    P.S. I have completed the aforementioned task and was very successful.


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