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    Unanswered: How can I see if backup_server is running as login 'user' from sp_proc on proddb

    How can I check if backup_server is running as login 'userdba' from sp_proc on prod_db?

    I wanna check that it's up and running from within my SQL sproc
    then Check that its logged in as login 'userdba'
    so that the dump to a specific area which _BS in "UP" state will recognise.

    if its up and logged in as ....userdba then
    dump............stripe on '\\dumparea\dumpsite'

    else dump to hardcoded area...

    I can't think

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    Backup Server in itself does not perform any login credentials check. As long as the BS is started by the same UNIX login as the dataserver, you are fine.

    You will find that you can log into backup server like you do on the dataserver using pretty much any login that you want. However, there is nothing you can do at the prompt(well, very limited which are not documented), not even a shutdown.

    So to the right check for you to gurantee that dump will work is to make sure that the owner of the pid for dataserver and BS is the same. This can be done using fuser

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