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    Unanswered: creating oracle user as that of existing user

    Hello All,

    I have two machines on which oracle is running....on one machine... one user is their.....I need to create same type of oracle user on other machine....!!!

    How should i go for this...?? so that new user (on one machine) has the same priviledge and grants(everything) as that of existing user on other machine.

    Any help will be highly appreciated ...!!!

    Thanking in anticipation.

    Rajeev Tomar

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    You can find a suitable script to help you do this here:
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    How about using EXP(ort) and IMP(ort) utilities? If you need the whole schema (that is, user and its tables, views, grants, triggers, ...), perhaps you could consider this too.

    By the way, if you will use Frank's script, don't forget to SPOOL output into some file (because running it as it is will not do anything) and run it on another database.

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