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    Unanswered: UniVerse Date Storage Question

    Hello Everyone,

    Quick question regarding the way the date is stored in UniVerse.

    I know the date in a record is stored as a number (01JUN05 stored as 13667). What is is the reason it's done this way. I believe it has something to do with th e original folks who developed UniVerse and that the number represents the number of days since, I think January 1st 1968, but can anyone elaborate a bit more on that?

    Is there a quick calculator anywhere that would do the same date conversion if you entered a number like 13667?

    Mike Schallmo

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    Smile UniVerse date storage question

    The internal date storage used by UniVerse dates back to the days when Dick Pick first invented the Pick operating system. As the date is stored internally there can be no mistaking the intended output. When the Y2K thing was happening everyone on Pick, UniVerse, UniData, UniVision, etc could be confident that their systems would not be affected by the roll over of the century. The external date can be displayed by using an OCONV statement. If you want a way of quickly displaying what is meant by internal dates just write a routine that takes an input and oconv's it in D2 format.

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