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    Unanswered: remote1 "pif" problem

    We recently began using replication using sybase anywhere/mobilink within an application. We have had minimal problems up to now (Adaptive Server Anywhere / Mobilink version I now have several users who can not synchronize with the consolidated database because of a particular remote1 file that gets created with a "pif" extension. It blows errors as listed below:

    unlink "drive\directory\remote.pif" failure 5 permission denied

    so far we have not been able to resolve the situation, obviously at the server level, when you go to this file you can not do anything with it (delete, rename, etc).

    I am not a heavy techie on this so I am hoping someone out there can provide some advice or guidance on how to resolve.

    joe mc.

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    dude, I'm not sure whu are there are errors during unlink. This is the last step for the sync phase to delete the old tran log file.

    I would just re-extract this remote for now.

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    yea, we already went the re-extract route. I think the problem may be at the server level which is not allowing for any ".pif" files to be deleted, and thus causes the replication process to crap out. I did some research and found that the newest version (v9) accounts for this by allowing you to specify what file extensions you do not want dbremote to use (ie, you can exclude file extensions such as "exe", "pif", etc, so appearantly this was a noted issue - though it does not help me now because I am not on that version). I am working this issue as a server related issue regarding permissions on files contained in the messages folder (where remote1 files are stored on our server).

    Thanks for the reply - I was hoping there were some others out there that experienced this problem - We'll see.

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