Hi All,

Currently I am working on a project where we have run into a few

The current application we are redesignig is the core of the business.
The application writes ito the database from which 8 to 10 other
applications read from or update into. This a master database into whic 80% of the data is updated by this application. The tables in this database do not have any referential integrity and the coenpts of RDBMS is not followed. Most f them act like idependent tables, with no inter relationship.

If we now redesign the application without changing the other 8
applications, the old database has to exist with the new database
designed for the redesigned application. the redesigned aplication also
needs data updated into this database from these 8 applications.
So the database of the redesined aplication would stil need data from
the existng database.

So for the next year or two until we redesign all existing applications,
we need to maintain both the existing and new database and they
continously need to be synchronised. The schema of the old database will be totally different from the schema of the redesigned database.

One of the ways we are thinking of doing this is implementing DTS, but is there any other better way of doing this. Also ithas to be a real time sync has to be a two way synchronisation

can some suggest a solution to develop a data bridge to update the
tables in both the databases.

Thanks in advance.