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    Unanswered: Data Provider List Missing...very odd SQL 2000

    Hey All!

    I have an interseting situation with one of my dev machines. (W2k3EE, SQL2k SP4)

    All my linked servers stopped working posting this error:

    Server: Msg 7302, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Could not create an instance of OLE DB provider [enter provider name here, e.g. 'SQLOLEDB'.

    So...when attempting to drop and recreate the linked server, the Provider pull down in the GUI is completely empty.


    I'm thinking of reinstalling MDAC, but I've never seen this in 10 years of DBA'ing.

    Have any of you? Any thoughts out there? Registry issues?


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    Never seen anything like it either. I'm running the same combination in my environment, so if you have any solutions, please post.

    Some thoughts and/or suggestions:

    1. Was the server recently patched?

    2. Was any new software (eg. driver package) recently installed?

    3. Any entries in the Application or System error log(s)?

    4. Do you back up the registry on this machine? Can it be restored?


    Have you hugged your backup today?

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    Thanks for the reply...will definitely post what I find...

    1 - yeah, SP4
    2 - prolly so...the network guys love to drop agents on my dev servers without mentioning it...Alteris monitor, i think this time
    3 - nada
    4 - heck no, that would be too easy

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