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    What would be the best approach in this 2nd scenario ?

    1) Mainframe DB 900 tables ----Q replication using LOG transactions DAILY feed to ----> AIX 1 (STAGING DB)

    2) Need to feed daily in the evening to ADHOC database (Delta changes only) FROM ----> AIX 1 (Staging).

    We think IBM's SQL replication (capture and apply) will serve this concept with little bit flaws.

    What do you guys think? Any other tool you recommend for step 2? Any other approach for step 2?


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    With the limited information I have, I would choose option 2. IMHO, option 1 is expensive in terms of set up costs (you need Websphere II and Websphere MQ licenses) , maintanence as well as performance.

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    First I'd agree with Sathyaram: very little information you gave.

    If you have the licences, I'd rather go with Q replication, since I saw it working without flaws and really smooth, setup not a serious problem.

    I am not sure whether you need an additional II licence, since you replicate between DB2 systems, so I think DB2 Connect with MQ should be sufficient. But better check on that again.

    Sure this all depends on the amount of data you have and the time you expect it to be replicated. I saw MQ replication performing better than plain SQL replication, but this might depend on different setup factors (where is MQ actually installed etc.) and differ.

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