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Thread: delete columns

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    Unanswered: delete columns

    part 1:
    tbl.Fields.Delete tbl.Fields(0).Name
    tbl.Fields.Delete tbl.Fields(1).Name
    tbl.Fields.Delete tbl.Fields(2).Name

    part 2:
    tbl.Fields.Delete "field0"
    tbl.Fields.Delete "field1"
    tbl.Fields.Delete "field2"

    From the above codes:
    the part 1 does NOT work.
    the part 2 work.

    If I run the part 1, then it give out the following message:
    "Cannot delete a field that is part of an index or is needed by the system."

    Can we have a way to run as similar as the part 1?

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    yes you can
    query the indexes object, delete any indexes (including any foreign keys referencing that column) containing the columns you want to delete, then delete the column(s) as required.
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