Trying to recode my php script into c to run on linux...

Hi guys,

My first post here, I already love this place , it's huge and hopefully I can get some help to do this project of mine.

Here's what I need to do.

I need to take my php script that I coded, and translate it into c from php.

What tools will I need to do this? I wrote and tested the script with just notepad, so I'm sure I'm going to need tools to build and test this script in c.

My platform I am coding in is windows xp professional 2. The platform(s) I would like it to run on are linux (1st importance) and windows xp would be nice if it was easy, most important is linux however (centos 4 with cpanel/whm but you probably didn't need that much info).

Here is the basic functions my script has...

Here is the script, i modified it a little bit here and there, changed some words and names.

I believe I fixed the error about it timing out, or at least I pray I did. It's been running for two hours and still seems to be loading which is good, I just had to have it display something every 10 seconds or the browser would eventually time out.

Any ideas on how to easily convert this to C or Perl (perferably c)?

I can give a few snippets (edited variable names of course)



var $PROXY_LIST=false;

var $CURRENT_PROXY=false;

var $useProxies=false;

var $proxyPath = 'proxies.txt';

var $max_out = 100000;

var $time_delay = 1;

var $extra_bar=0;//0= no limit

var $named_list=null;

var $stopat=null;

var $fileName ="whatisthefilename.txt";

var $fileMode ="w";

var $numRequests=0;

function GoForIt()


set_time_limit(0);//this may take awhile.




while($i < $totalsize && $d <= $this->depth)





$totalsize = count($this->named_list);

if($max_out >= $this->extra_bar)









/************************************************** ******************

* Get the next anonymous proxy from the proxies.txt file

* When the last proxy is reached it goes back to the first

* proxies should be just the proxy ip and port and a new line

************************************************** *******************/

function GetNextProxy()


// if the current_proxy is false, then load the proxy file



$handle = fopen($this->proxyPath, "rb");

if($handle == false)


echo "Please upload a proxy list. or untick the proxy list, moron!";



elseif ($handle == true)


$this->PROXY_LIST = fread($handle, filesize('proxies/proxies.txt'));


$this->PROXY_LIST = explode("\n", $this->PROXY_LIST);

$this->CURRENT_PROXY = current($this->PROXY_LIST);





//get the next proxy from the array

$this->CURRENT_PROXY = next($this->PROXY_LIST);

//if used all proxies then get the first proxy


$this->CURRENT_PROXY = reset($this->PROXY_LIST);



function BLAHBLAHBLAH($result)



foreach($result as $value)


$value = strip_tags($value);

$value = trim($value);

if (!in_array($value,$this->named_list))


if($this->stopat!=null && $this->stopat($value))

$this->named_list[] = $value;


$this->named_list[] = $value;




and you execute the script by doing this:







$list = file("list.txt");

$_GET["useVarONE"] = 1;

$sz = sizeof($list);




echo $list[$l];

$NameOfClass = new Class();


$CFG->savefile = $CFG->Path."/dir/test_file_output.txt";

$NameOfClass->fileName = $CFG->savefile;


$NameOfClass->useExample1 =true;



$NameOfClass->useProxies =true;

$NameOfClass->proxyPath = $CFG->Path."/proxies/proxies.txt";



if($_GET['badwords'] != "")

$NameOfClass->Badwords = explode("\n",$_GET['badwords']);

//$_GET["words"] = file_get_contents("list.txt");

$_GET["words"] = $list[$l];

if(!isset($_GET['words'])){ echo "Word file is not valid"; }


//$NameOfClass->example_list = explode("\n", $_GET['words']);

$NameOfClass->example_list = $list[$l];

$NameOfClass->example_list = explode("\n", $_GET['words']);

$NameOfClass->example_list[0] = trim($NameOfClass->example_list[0]);

$NameOfClass->fileName = "kws/".$NameOfClass->example_list[0].".txt";

// $NameOfClass->fileName = str_replace(" ","",$NameOfClass->fileName);



Ok that's just the basics of it,the entire php script is like 4 times longer so I really cut this out just so it's like one example of each, so if I could find out how to do it for one of each example I gave, I'm sure I can code the entire rest of the script myself.

The REASON for recoding this into C instead of leaving it in PHP , is that this script is supposed to be running 24/7, non stop, and in php, even with the set_time_limit to unlimted time to run, APACHE crashes after running it for like an hour or two, because it's CONSTANTLY processing based on a VERY HUGE list.txt, and also from what it DOES with that list.txt. You could call it a content processor. If this was recoded into C, I believe it would be more stable and wouldn't crash as much, and also I could run it in the background so it wouldn't be in the way.

Who can assist me in what I am doing? I am quite knowledgeable coding in php and I know just a BIT of c++ from several years ago, I haven't touched it in a while, but hopefully I can redo this php script into c easily.

Thanks in advance!!!

BTW, I store all this in a FLAT file database, just simple txt files. Is that a good method? I think it is for the methods I'm using...