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    Unanswered: Mirror Service


    I am looking for advice on the best way to approch this I have looked at replication, but ruled it out as its only one way. I have looked at Clustering, but I am having problems with configuration of that on my LAN and dont think its particuarily sutible in any event.

    What I have is two servers, one for Europe and one for US, I want all services to be able to operate properly without any interference when any single server is down.

    Some parts require updating the database, so I need both servers to update locally and effect the remote server (as soon as it becomes avalible again if its not allready).
    Likewise, the oppsiite server must be able to operate the same way.

    Is Clustering over a VPN or Stunnel really the only way that it could be done or are there any other suggestions on how I could approch it?


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    That's a pretty complicated (and general) question and is probably out of scope for this forum. Try posting/searching the Database Concepts and Design forum for something on distributed database design.

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