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    Unanswered: Resource id #???? odbc_connect


    This is a portion of the program which gives me output correctly.

    $conn = odbc_do ('myDsn', 'sa','sa');
    echo '$conn-> '.$conn;

    The output i am getting is

    $conn-> Resource id #2

    And the program worked fine.

    The same statment in other program gives me the output as
    $conn-> Resource id #11

    And am not getting any result set while using that connection.

    Can anybody tell me whats this 'Resource id #' is all about?? and how i got two different values?


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    A resource is just a special type of variable.

    If there was a problem creating the connection, you most likely would have received an error. If you're still having problems post your code so we can try to figure out what is causing this.

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