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    Unanswered: Hard Drive Crashed. master & user db mdf & ldf files lost


    One of our hard drives has crashed and as a result we have lost our master mdf/ldf & user db mdf/ldf files. It's not that a critical system by any means, but if the hard drive crashes and the master mdf/ldf files & user db mdf/ldf are lost, is there any way of restoring the system?

    I'm thinking we probably need to re-install Enterprise Manager completely, and re-install the user db from a backup.

    Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If the disks are toast, then you have to restore from your backups. When you have the hardware and O/S back to where they need to be, install SQL Server with any required service packs/patches, then restore the master database (see BOL for instructions), then restore the user databases.

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