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    Question Unanswered: Connection busy with results for another hstmt...

    Hi mates,

    I am getting this strange error while working on SQL server through JDBC.
    I am using a connection-pooling mechanism. Have written my own connection pool. The pool holds a number of connections and has methods for requesting and returning connections from the clients. The issue is - when I get a connection from the pool and execute a select query, it works fine. Then I return the connection to the pool (at the top). On next request for connection, this same connection object is provided. When another select query is fired on this connection, I get an error - "connection is busy with results for another hstmt"... The error occurs at the time of executing the query and not while obtaining the statement object from the connection object.
    If I don't use the connection pool and create new connection every time, everything works fine (except the performance!)...
    I'll be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this.....

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    That's because each connection can only have 1 active (pending results) statement per connection.

    It sounds like you are not closing/dropping the statements, or the driver is not. It might be your connection handling code. You might also try a different jdbc driver. Are you using an sql specific driver? It you use the default jdbc-odbc bridge, you can get bad behavior. That driver doen't work well. There are 3 kinds of replacements:

    1) Free Jdbc drivers for SQL Server. MS provides one, and there is an open source one out there.

    2) A ready for deployment JDBC-ODBC Bridge from a vendor. There are several.

    3) A commercial JDBC Driver.

    What you need is dependant on your budget, time and architecture.

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