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    Unanswered: Oracle to Sql Server conversion

    Something went a bit wrong. Converted Oracle 10g to Sql Server 2000.
    Now, in the schema there is a column that allows nulls.
    In Oracle if you look at the column, you see NULL.
    However if I look at the same created in Sql Server it actually does not have a <NULL> value there.
    When the conversion was done however, all of these NULLs from Oracle came across into Sql Server with the actual value of <NULL>.
    This causes the problem that these objects are now no longer displayed within my application. They show up fine using Oracle, and if I use Sql Server from the start it is fine -- the column is just blank, not acutally NULL. I can force the <NULL> value by doing the ctrl+0 on the field, and that breaks it as well.

    The column has to allow nulls, but the actual value cannot be <NULL> (in Sql Server). Any suggestions on getting rid of the NULL - I could do an update, but it actually just has to be blank rather than having a value. I tried an update to set it to ' ' but that didn't really work - here was my statement:
    update [table] set [columnname] = '' where [columnname] = '<NULL>'

    Any other suggestions besides try again? But if it has to be 'try the conversion again' then that's the answer.
    Thanks much
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    update [table] set [columnname] = NULL where [columnname] = '<NULL>'
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