Base single domain zend encoded licence 149$
Additional modules (marked with [addon] in features list) are selling for the aditional payment.
Full details about Lyrics Script

Online demos
Full version demo
Base version demo
Admin area demo
Sample artist page - Jennifer Lopez lyrics
Sample albums list page - Jennifer Lopez Albums
Sample album page - Jennifer Lopez On The 6 - 1999
Sample mixed search page - keywords abba prodigy
Sample easy template page

Database details
128521 lyrics, 8561 albums, 2076 artists.
6429 albums covers
7435 albums integrated with amazon
1604 posters integrated with
NOTE: Database are provided as free addon for the our lyrics script. All lyrics, images and texts are property of
their respective owner and should be removed on first note. If you are owner of some lyrics listed at the my
site and want me to remove them pm me.
You may use this database and software on your own risk, database are provided AS IS.

Key features
- fully template based system - very easy to customize/reskin
- amazon integration - at the album page/all albums page album covers linked to the amazon and ther are buy it now link
- [addon] integration - posters attached to the artists and buy link with your affiliate id provided.
- [addon] daily updates with latest lyrics from for the $100 per month
- templates SEO friendly : mod_rewrite, dynamic title/meta for the each page
- [addon] member area - your site visitors will be able to submit lyrics
- [addon] mixed search SEO module Sample
- [addon] Whats new block auto-filled with latest lyrics
- [addon] Ability to correct toplists mannually
- Automatically updated top10/50 albums/artists/songs list
- Ability to setup new modules without reinstalling
- [addon] Print version of the pages
- [addon] Search queries monitoring module
- [addon] Ability to check predefined templates for the any module in realtime Sample
- first letter selection/first 2 letters selection
- artist page - show BIO, artist image, albums list, songs list
- album page - show songs list, other albums list
- all songs page
- all albums page
- views counter
- cache system for improving speed (cached top10, artists list - refresh cache from admin area)
Admin area
--- add/edit/show by first letter/delete artists
--- show albums/songs count, quick links to the add/edit
--- add/edit/delete albums
--- add/edit/delete songs
--- refresh cache
--- change options page
--- change admin password
--- [addon] View/edit/confirm/delete albums/artists/songs submitted by users
--- [addon] View stats about search queries for the desired period of the time
--- [addon] Change EasyTemplate options - show on all pages, on parameter in _GET, disabled
--- [addon] add/edit/delete posters for the some artist, set some poster as featured (showed when there are no posters for some artist)
--- change amazon/allposters/google adsense code
--- [addon] Put some artist/album/song in desired place for some top list (toplists correction)

Licence details
Script are encoded with zend encoder and come with single domain licence.
Database can't be reused/modified in any way except via control panel and site itself.
If you are interested in full sources version or few domains licence or resale rights pm me.

Custom services
Lyrics v3 is extremely customizable engine! Almoust any part of the layout can be
changed/moved/removed. However if you have more advanced requirements, we will be
able to do any changes you will want for the additional payment.

Some possible changes (all will be subject to the additional charges):
- we may put your custom template at the templates and make your site completely unique
- integration with your existing site - we may use members database at the your site, make
lyrics script as section at the your current site, etc
- we may create for you custom link structure (any you want) to make tree of the your site
- we may add any custom code you will want
- we may provide daily updates for the your site with fresh lyrics
- we may do SEO for you - do link building, keywords researches etc.
- we may do integration with your favorite affiliate program (currently we did
integration with amazon, allposters, mobile ringtone providers)
- reinstalling service - we may update your lyrics v2 engine, so you will not lost your