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    Unanswered: Web Reports Asks for logon name

    We are having a problem with a Crystal Report.

    We have written the report and placed it on our Crystal Web Server.
    In the URL we specify the logon name / password for the database, but when we run it we keep getting asked for that info again.

    The 'logon box' prompts for name and password.
    The Database name and server name and grey'ed out, and only the Server Name has text in it.

    The ODBC Driver is the latest INGRES driver.

    The URL we use is ...

    If we run the report on the Developers PC, running Crystal Reports (non-web) it runs fine and doesn;t prompt for a name/password.

    Any thoughts ?


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    Is the CR server authenticated to talk to the webserver? Because once I had a problem with ColdFusion, Crystal Reports and MSSQL server ... and they all had to start their services with the same user or they wouldn't authenticate to each other over the network (because of AD). My ODBC was set to use windows authentication, not sql.

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