We have implemented a Vendor library to perform backup and restore/rollforward operations.

Backup and Restore operations are working fine but when we do a Rollforward its failing.

After investigating we found that for Rollfoward operation, sqluvint() "Init_input" parameter's DB2_session->db2instance is coming as "*" instead of "DB2" (the instance name) received in Restore operation. Due to this we are not able to correctly identify the location to search the log files, as the location name also consists of the instance name.

Is this behaviour normal? If yes, then how can we get the instance name? If no, what can be the reason of we receiving "*" instead of the instance name.

Following are some details about the environment:
Product Id = DB2ESE
DB2 version = v8.1.9.798
Fix Pack = 9
OS = Windows 2000 SP4

Thanks in advance.