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    Unanswered: doubleclick, rows?

    I have a datasheet subform to a larger customer table, and am looking for a way for users to open more details on a record in the datasheet subform, as I only have 5 columns of 15 columns visible.

    Its easy enough to set "on doubleclick" for a specific fields, so that double clicking in the field opens a form detailing the entire record.. BUT, I would much rather want to add this "on double click" so that clicking in ANY field in the row, opens the detail form.

    I've also tried adding "on doubleclick" for the entire form, but this has an unfortunate drawback of also triggering when doubleclickiing on column names, or in void areas of the form, and not just rows...

    Ideas? suggestions?
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    Access Events

    Hi there... as suggestion, would it be feasible to use the form view for your access subform. It could be setup to look similar to a data sheet but you would have access to all the forms events enabling you to open wht ever from where ever.


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