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    Unanswered: cannot delete a table

    I want to delete a table in my access database.

    But It shows message: you tried to lock table "mytablename" while opening it.
    But the table cannot be locked because it's currently in use. wait a moment, then try the operation again.

    I know other users are in the databases, but I also know this table is not used in queries, it's an old one.

    How Can I delete it, or how can I find out who is locking the table?


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    if its reporting that the table is in use, then its highly probable the tabel is in use. Before doing anything I'd want to go through every form, query and report just to ensure that it isn't used elsehwere.

    Bear in mind however that with JET tables it is quite possible that you have another application linking to that that table. There is no record of who is using a specific table. There is a method of viewing who is using a jet db this may give some ideas. I think it works by viewign the lockfile and can tell you which PC and which AccessUser is using the db.

    Its also possible that if others have the same db open you do not have exclusive rights to delete the table.

    If you have already done that then its probably safe to delete the table. In any event if I were you I'd take a copy of that table, leave it in the same db as present, and then delete the original version. that way round if you do need the table after all you haven't lost anything, you can just re-instater the table.
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