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    Unique, Targeted Advertising Opportunity


    Most of you are probably aware of our database services that we offer at Oddity Software. If not, you can find the link in my sig to familiarize yourself with what it’s all about.

    We will be releasing a Website Design and Services Database on March 15th. This database will be offered to all of our existing customers, as well as the general public free of charge. This database will consist of 10,000+ records and will also have a free php script available for download as well. This script will allow webmasters to add a directory for web design services to their existing site easily, or to create a new site for such a directory in a few simple steps. There will quickly be hundreds if not thousands of copies of this database/directory downloaded and installed on websites, and used in cutom software applications.

    We are offering paid placement in this database for any web design related business/website who would like to have their service listed in this database. This is a prime opportunity to have your services listed, distributed, and displayed on virtually an unlimited number of targeted niche sites/directories. This database will remain active for public download permanently, saturating your links and services information for years to come. The cost for placement in this database is $10.00 paid via Paypal. The information recorded for your listing includes the following fields:

    Business/Service Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Category, Sub Category, Website, Contact Email, Services Description, Phone Number and Fax Number

    Those of you interested in this opportunity can find a link to the insertion form on this page:

    Thanks for your time, and good luck in your ventures.


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    awsome i might be interested

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