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    Unanswered: Remove Permission Security

    HI all

    I have inherited an Access 97 MDB whihc has some odd permissions set up on it. I can't access any of the forms or tables to amend them or copy them (I need to create some new forms & stuff for 2006 data) I keep getting permisisons denied.

    I can't take ownership of them and the owner is listed as <unknown account>

    I've tried a permissions explorer but it gives me the same error messages when I try and reste the permisisons on any of the objects I want to look at.

    There's no documentation as to what the username that created the stuff was called.

    So how do I rip all these permissions off so I can make the changes that are needed?
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    try creating a new blank database
    import all the objects (tables, wueries, forms, reports & modules)
    set permissions as required
    save the new db
    copy the old to a new name
    delete the old
    rename the new to the same as the old
    -with a bit of 'luck' that shoudl clear the problems.
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