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    Unanswered: ASP using SQL

    Can I use a SQL in statement using 2 tables from 2 different databases one from Access and the other one from SQL Server.

    select distinct region_id,country_name,country_id from Renewal_Data where region_id in (select region_id from smUsrGrp where userid = '"& suserid & "')

    Here Renewal_Data table is an Access table and smUsrGrp is SQL table.

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    providing you have physical access (permission) to read or write those data sources you can do what ever you like.

    As far as I'm aware ASP like other such languages doesn't care what db storage method it talks to, providing in it knows how to talk to the db.

    It does mean that you will be running 2 connections to your data for each instance of your script, so you may have a resource issue, especailly if you don't correctly clean up after the connection is finished with.
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    At first I didn't think it could be done, but I actually tried it and it worked:
    Forums » Program Your Site » ASP » Populate 1 Array with 2 Queries?
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