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    Unanswered: AutoID from related table (but not subform)

    Hi there,

    I have a table and a form bound to it.

    Usually i fill all fields (textboxes) in it, but sometimes I don't need to fill some records. (e.g. I don't need to fill 4 fields (lets name them "extra"), everytime, but i fill them from time to time).

    I am thinking of creating main table (and main form) where all records would be filled in, and also create another table (and another form) where those "extra" records would be stored.So when working with db, each day would be main table filled with records, but once per week extra table would be filled with those extra fields.This way i won't have many empty fields in main table (if i'd have only one big table for everything) ....But both tables must be related and if i want ti print everything later, i need connection between them...

    Now to have relationship, i need to have fieldID both in main table and extra table (related), and when i fill records in main table and open extra table, I would like to create automatically fieldID in my extra table (it must be the same number).

    Actually it should create fieldID somehow automatically when i open extra-form, or smth like that....

    How could i do that, and is it possible to do that at all?

    Any ideas would be welcome,


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    yes its quite possible.
    use a one to one reference/join, and use the primary key of the parent table as the primary key of the child table. (ie use the same value.

    This design would limit you to having only one 'set' of these 4 columns per one parent record.

    Whether its worth worrying about 4 columns is another thing, the days of worrries over db space, in an Access/JET context seem to thankfully long gone. If it was 4 columns taking ub substantial amounts of space maybe.
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    Thanks, I think i found out a solution.

    "4" was just an example, there could be more, and making lots of records and then everything in multiuser environment...won't hurt anyway

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