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    Unanswered: join expression in where clause

    I have three tables in access that I have to join by SildTo column.
    The first table cast, contains all soldto data, and other might or might not.
    I need to create a query to show all information from cast and the other two tables even if the soldto not in some tables.

    where cast.soldto(+) = table1.soldto
    and cast.soldto(+) = table2.soldto

    How to do that in access?

    Thank you.

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    Use left joins in your FROM clause instead of trying to do it in your where clause. You COULD do it in the where clause by allowing nulls as well.
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    Popping it into the FROM clause as an outer join is, however, ANSII compliant and thus can be used in just about RDBMS as opposed to translating propietary SQL as you are having to do now.
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