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    Unanswered: Showing beginning of report count of Group rows

    Access XP

    I've seen posts here about how to get a total count of records from a report's group level but the answers I found only talked about showing that total at the END of the report (report footer). I need to show this value at top of first page so user doesn't need to scroll to end or flip to last page of report.

    I have not been successful adding field to report header that references footer field's value. I've tried to use MAX for the value of the row counter too w/o success. Is there an easy way other than subreports? I was looking for some function to count only unique values from the grouped field but dead-end there, too.

    Ugh! I'm eager to hear from folks. Please help!

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    DCount would get it done. Try referencing just the field as well, I know this works in normal group headers, I haven't tried it in a report header. Ie: =Count([SomeAbitraryField])
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thanks. I did end up using DCount but referencing a sep. query that grouped on unique values the field in my report group. Ugh, more objects in the db to worry about! I mentioned initially trying MAX on the field. I thought that I also tried Count. Didn't seem to work. I might be mistaken.

    Seems good enough for now...

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