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    Red face ER & Normalization


    1) Can anybody tell me if i put some data into 1-3rd normal form,and i want to then use ER modelling, do i go back to the beginning of the raw data, or "er" the normal forms?

    2) what are the similariites and differences between the 2 approaches, that i should see, providing i get it right

    i'm really stuck on this so i hope somebody out there can help me

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    ERs and Normalization? Well, you're not necessarily comparing Apples to Oranges here, but its at least Oranges to Tangerines...
    Regardless, a 3rd normal form design should be easy to mock up in an ER diagram.
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    Generally people use ER modelling to produce 3NF designs, I'm not sure I understand the question...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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