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    Question Unanswered: problem

    i am now working with JDeveloper, i am supposed to connect to Database using SQLPLUS using the command in DOS Prompt
    C:\bc4jtoystore\setup>sqlplus /nolog @CreateToyStoreUsers.sql

    after this in the dos prompt it asks to
    Enter Password

    in the readme file of bc4jtoystore JDeveloper project they asked to enter SYSTEM accounts password

    My system in the company when i logon UserName is Admin and password just i type ENTER button

    the error message shown after i enter the password
    ORA-12560: TNS protocol adapter error

    SP2-0640: Not connected
    SP2-0640: Not connected
    SP2-0640: Not connected
    SP2-0640: Not connected

    can anyone guide me

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    You need to enter one of the following:

    C:\bc4jtoystore\setup>sqlplus / @CreateToyStoreUsers.sql

    -- Or --

    C:\bc4jtoystore\setup>sqlplus SYSTEM/password @CreateToyStoreUsers.sql

    Where password is the System password.

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    thanx sir now its working

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